Dec. 5, 2014, 12:52 p.m.

U.S. Self-Promotion Index: Which States Brag Most on Social Media?

Consider this:  On social networks like Facebook and Instagram, many so-called "status updates" are really "brag-ommendatons" -- opportunities to enhance your status with friends and followers by showcasing your apparently amazing life.

But are people getting annoyed by your self-promotion? Some data seems to reflect this trend. In fact, a study published last month by Harvard University researchers found that people are now less likely to want to hear about the more exciting experiences of their peers - so they will likely tune out your amazing vacation photo.

We wondered how the entire country ranked in self-promotional behaviors: Don't your Facebook friends of certain states seem just so much more humble than others...whereas friends from other states seem to major in Facebook bragging?

So we decided to test out our questions. 

To analyze the nation's self-promotional habits, our on-staff "sharing experts" asked 2,500 Americans who participate in social media to rate the number of posts they typically make on potentially self-promotional topics (such as trips to special locations, attendance at memorable events, and work-related good news).

We were floored by what we found.

Shown below are the 20 most boastful and most humble U.S. states (with the average percent of residents who frequently make self-promotional social posts shown in parenthesis):


#1:  California (77% percent frequently engage in self-promotion)
#2:  Washington (76%)
#3:  Nevada:  (72%)
#4:  Maryland  (70%)
#5:  New Hampshire (69%)
#6:  Illinois (67%)  
#7:  Virginia (66%)
#8:  Oklahoma (64%)
#9:  New Jersey (60%)
#10: New York (58%)
#11:  South Dakota (57%)
#12:  Delaware (57%)
#13:  Colorado (55%)
#14:  Alabama (55%)
#15:  Kentucky (54%)
#16:  Indiana (53%)
#17:  Georgia (52%)
#18:  Minnesota (52%)
#19:  Florida (51%)
#20:  Texas (51%)


#1:  Utah (22%)
#2:  Oregon (26%)
#3:  South Carolina (33%)
#4:  Kansas (34%)
#5:  Arizona (34%)
#6:  Arkansas (37%) 
#7:  Pennsylvania (39%) 
#8:  Massachusetts (40%) 
#9:  Rhode Island (40%)
#10:  Wisconsin (41%) 
#11:  Connecticut (43%)
#12:  Ohio (44%) 
#13:  North Carolina (45%)
#14:  Maine (46%)
#15:  Michigan (47%)
#16:  Tennessee (47%)  
#17:  Missouri (48%) 
#18:  Louisiana (48%)
#19:  Mississippi (49%) 
#20:  Iowa (49%)

We also asked respondents to rank the top 5 most popular topics they like to post on social media (with the percent who do it 'frequently,' 'almost always,' or 'always' shown in parenthesis):


#1:  Going on a special trip (62%)
#2:  Attending a memorable event (59%)
#3:  Meeting a noteworthy person (54%)
#4:  Something nice that your significant other did (53%)
#5:  Getting work-related good news (52%)

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